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Sissification and Forced Feminization with Gina Spice

So, you are a little sissy huh? Well, we will have to decide on a new name for you for your sissification and forced feminization phone sex. I think Jenna will do.

Next, you will lay down on the bed while I stand over you in my black 6-inch heels. I will force you to get dressed in your little sissy outfit – a pink dress with ruffles and pink panties. Your little clitty is already starting to harden and your sissy pussy is getting wet, isn’t it?

Then it will be time to put hot pink lipstick on your lips, which will soon be filled with my huge strapon. My little sissy is scared and excited now! But first, you will be paraded around up and down the sidewalk for everyone to see your little girly outfit and hair and makeup.

After we cum back in, I will grab my 8-inch cock and rip your pink panties off. I will pop the head of my big dick into your tight little sissified pussy. Then I will pump in and out fast and hard. It will hurt a little, but you will take it anyway. Soon that little clitty and pussy will be cumming, and you will beg for more.

Call me now for sissification and feminization playtime! 980-549-1298